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Layered Pastry Stack

Magic Toast

Inspired by #magicbars Croissant dough slices topped with graham cracker frangipane, coconut, and pecans then baked. Finished with caramel and chocolate shavings.

Shamrock Donut

Brioche donut stuffed with a peppermint white chocolate ganache and topped with a peppermint whip cream and shamrock sprinkles.

Apricot Braid

Braided croissant dough stuffed with almond frangipane and apricots.

Baileys Brownie

Danish filled with brownie batter and baked, then topped with a Baileys whipped cream and chocolate crunchies.

Ginger Lime

Croissant cup filled with ginger cake then baked. Topped with lime curd and lime shortbread crumbles.

Oatmeal Creampie

Twice baked classic croissant filled with an oatmeal cake and marshmallow fluff. Finished with oatmeal cookie crumbles.

Rhubarb Cruffin

Cruffin filled with rhubarb jam and vanilla pastry cream and topped with a brown butter crumble.

Sweet Potato Hummus

Croissant dough topped with black bean hummus and cumin roasted sweet potatoes and baked. Finished with crispy harissa chickpeas.

Brioche Bacon Bun

Brioche bun filled with bacon, caramelized onions, and gruyere, then topped with everything seasoning and baked.

Layered Pastry Stack

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