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Layered Pastry Stack


Croissant knot filled with lavender honey panna cotta, and dipped in a black currant glaze. Topped with honeycomb candy.


Red striped croissant filled with a raspberry dark chocolate ganache. Striped with white chocolate and topped with freeze dried raspberries.


Classic croissant filled with an almonmolina cake soaked in honey, orange and rosewater. Topped with pink buttercream and pistachios.


A traditional Italian pastry of very thin dough spread with butter and rolled up then sliced and shaped around a ricotta semolina filling flavored with lemon.


Cruffin filled with strawberry ganache, and topped with a hibiscus lemon whip cream and white chocolate crunchies.


Danish filled with vanilla cake and butter rum roasted pineapple. Soaked in rum syrup and topped with vanilla whip cream.


Scallions and toasted sesame butter rolled into croissant dough in a play on a Chinese scallion pancake. Served with a soy black vinegar dipping sauce.

Layered Pastry Stack

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